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Last week, I surveyed our members about where they’d go if someone else foot the bill.

I was surprised by the results…

The most common answer was Australia (11.61%). Followed by New Zealand (10.38%) and then Europe and Africa.

54 people wrote that they’d go “anywhere.” And, 62 more said “everywhere,” which isn’t surprising (but a good reminder that I should be more specific when I ask these questions).

And fun places like Greece, Japan, Iceland, and Hawaii were near the top.

And here’s what else the survey reported…

90% of the 1,100+ people who responded said they wished they could travel more.

The main reason people aren’t traveling?

The cost.

Yes, traveling to far-off destinations can be expensive and it’s not always possible.

But even if you can’t afford to travel, you can still have travel experiences near home. When you do, you’ll build your “expert” knowledge of your own local area.

I talk a lot in this newsletter about starting local. And, after seeing all the survey results, I want to circle back again this week, because it’s hands-down the best place to start as a travel writer, videographer or photographer.

It’s starting locally that leads to being able to travel abroad—the majority of our biggest success stories got their start locally. 

Plus, it makes old things new again. When you explore your own city with your travel writer or photographer’s hat on, treating it like a destination instead of just the place you happen to live, it becomes interesting again.

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are cool things to uncover, and I’d like to celebrate that this week.

Ask yourself: What do I love about my hometown? If a friend had just 24 hours to spend there, what would you tell him to see and do?

Then, stay tuned this week as we talk more about the many benefits of writing about where you live or a place you know well.

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