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Travel writing success is not always equal… but it’s often fair.

One student might look at another student’s success and say it’s not fair that Sarah is building so many more success stories than Bill. But Sarah is working smarter than Bill, and she has a system that works for her to crank out story after story, so it’s not equal but it is fair.

And in that lies a secret…

Our most successful travel writers are not working harder than most (usually).

They’re working smarter.

So, putting in twice their effort isn’t going to hand you twice their success. It’s only going to lend you frustration.

Here’s the key: learn the system and lean on your peers.

Noreen got her social media advice from Betsi. Betsi got her press kit advice from Terri. Terri got her photography advice from Theresa. And Theresa got her last story idea from Ian.

They’re all working smarter because they’re using each other, and you can do the same.

I’ve created a group where you can get their contact details, so you can ask them questions. Then, together, we went through each of their travel writing businesses—because several of them are full-time travel writers now—and

I asked them to create guides for you, so you’d know what to do first, second, and third.

Would you like to join this group?

I hope so, because it works.

Members call themselves a tribe. And because people have been using it for more than three years now, it includes more than 30 guides from all our most successful members and editors with a look inside their business.

Check it out here and see if it’s a good fit for you. You can always try it for a month to be sure, knowing full well that your first perk as a travel writer will more than cover your fee.

The only thing you can’t do is wait. Success is only fair to those who reach out and grab it.

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