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Travel writer Jed VaughnAs I’m capping off the last of four travel-writing trips, I’m still reeling over this remarkable lifestyle I’m experiencing as a freelance travel writer

In just five weeks, I got to do the following: 

  • Dance with Miss Mexico on an enchanting once-in-a-lifetime experience as the guest of the 2017 El Presidente of Camotinchan in Oaxaca, Mexico during the celebration San Isidro Labrador.
  • Sail the San Juan Islands on a four-day/three-night trip aboard the Schooner Zodiac Tallship. 

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  • Soak in the whirlpool baths at Soap Lake Washington in the richest mineral water in the world.
  • Spend time in Puerto Escondido, possibly the most beautiful and clean beach anywhere on the Pacific coast of Mexico. 

These adventures were all the result of applying the tools and knowledge I gained At The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop.

One was a press trip. One was from a pitch to an editor that resulted in an assignment. One was an add-on that was a spur of the moment. And one came from connections I made while writing. 

My friends and family still aren’t sure what’s going on here… but they are quite amazed and happy for me.

Before these recent trips, I secured pre-travel writing assignments just the way I learned at the workshop. As a result, I estimate my perks will add up to about $4,500 – free travel money.

But it won’t end there because now that I’ve completed these trips, I have a bundle of additional stories to tell… and sell. 

From my assigned pieces, I’ll make $1,900… but I estimate I will make another $1,000 to $1,500 from future articles. 

Reading about others with similar travel stories and adventures is what inspired me to do this. 

Today, I could literally go back to many of the amazing success stories I’ve read from Great Escape Publishing and just insert my name. It’s all real… and achievable… even for someone like me who has no writing background whatsoever.

As I look back, my only regret is not acting sooner!

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