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Breaking into travel writing can seriously enhance your retirementWhen I began to receive emails touting everyday people like myself working from the beach with nothing more than a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, it got my attention.

I’d been laid off from my regional sales manager position in 2012 , and I was looking for something different.

So, after reading countless emails about other people living the life I wanted, I decided to attend the 2014 Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in San Diego. Little did I know that I was about to change my life beyond anything I had ever imagined in my previous 55 years.

Attending the workshop was a true leap of faith and a plunge into a world completely unknown to me. I had never written a thing in my entire life.

It took willpower in the beginning to find success; no one thought my writing would lead anywhere… except me. My desire to achieve that goal of making a living from the beach altered every aspect of my life.

After the workshop, I began exploring, researching, traveling, and working in the industry. My world-view was entirely reshaped. I learned, and am still learning, about amazing things. I’m writing about topics that I never knew I was interested in. And my will to do things differently keeps expanding my interests and I continue to write about more and more topics. It’s something my previous career didn’t afford me.

Now as I approach retirement age, I think to myself… retirement?… yeah right… like I’m going to retire from this?

No thanks!

I can truly say that the decision I made just five years ago has fundamentally changed my life. Much for the better.
No matter your age, you can transform your life from the 9-5 crowd to the travel writer’s life if you have the will. (See how former nurse Noreen Kompanik did it while still working her day-job here.)

Even if you’re already retired, you can fill your days with new exciting experiences that will enhance your retirement and transform your way of life.

The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop was my stepping-stone into the world of freelance writing. And it can be your chance, too, to make a change… to alter your life in so many positive ways you’ll be pinching yourself like I am.

You’ll be wondering… is this a dream? And you too will answer yourself… why yes, it most certainly is… but I’m not sleeping!

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