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“Instead of putting things on a bucket list, I decided I needed to live my bucket list.” – Becky Breshears

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Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to one of our members, Becky Breshears.

Lori met Becky at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Washington D.C. and found her story and message inspiring.

“I love Becky as a person. She is indicative of the kinds of people who are attracted to this life of getting paid to travel.”

Becky had a stressful career before retirement. Her husband was in an equally stressful career. They put off planning for retirement until the stress died down. But that time came sooner than expected because the stress of it all took her husband’s life.

While it’s a sad story, Becky’s approach to dealing with the changes in her life is inspiring.

Becky shares her story…

“I started in travel writing because I love to travel. For much of our business lives we are coached to put things on a vision board—to write down a bucket list for the future. But I decided I needed to live my bucket list instead of just writing it down.”

Becky’s losses in life made travel almost vital to her survival. She started blogging about her travels because people told her they were living vicariously through her Facebook posts.

“Out of tragedy sometimes comes a different perspective on life,” Becky says. “You need to make those memories you want in your life. Don’t put it off.”

Always interested in immersing herself in the local culture when she travels to find the stories no one else has found, Becky shares with us how she plans her travels. And she also shares her plans for a remote year where she’ll be living in different cities over the course of the year—an experience that is bound to boost her travel writing career while helping her grow as a person.

If Becky’s story has inspired you, there’s more information on getting started with travel writing at

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