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“We know how powerful the written word is and how that experience of writing and being heard can really change your life.” -Allison Specter

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On this episode of Great Escape Radio, host Jody Maberry introduces us to Allison Specter, Development Director for Write Around Portland, an organization based in Portland, Oregon that partners with local social service agencies, to write with and publish those who have had the least access to writing and the creative arts.

Allison says, “We’re writing with women and youth who are incarcerated, people who are experiencing homelessness, folks living with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, members of the LGBTQ community, and many others.”

She talks about how powerful the 10-week Write Around Portland experience can be- how writing and being heard can change people’s lives.

In the 18 years that Write Around Portland has been around, they’ve written with and published over 6,000 people and they hold 40 workshops every year.

Allison talks about some of her favorite stories from past members and plans for future expansion outside Oregon. She also highlights their three core values, which are:




For more information on how to get involved and/or make donations and to read the most recent featured story, you can visit their website at

For more information about getting started with travel writing, visit

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