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“$1,000,000 in the bank isn’t the fantasy. The fantasy is the lifestyle of complete freedom it supposedly allows.” – Tim Ferriss, The 4 Hour Workweek

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to Laura Carswell.

Lori just returned from Tanzania and today’s guest, Laura Carswell, was also on that trip.

“Tanzania gets in your blood and it’s like a fever. You can’t shake it until you go back,” says Lori.

It’s a combination of things…



…kind and generous people

…diverse cultures

…being outside in nature all day

It’s also a place that makes us understand that we don’t need to accumulate so much stuff in life.

Today’s guest, Laura Carswell, discovered this on her visit to Tanzania.

“What I love about this podcast is that we have the opportunity to a large variety of different kinds of people who are all attracted to travel writing and travel photography – putting life back into their years. They’re looking for something that means something, looking to leave their mark on the world,” says Lori. “Laura is one of those people. She has a very successful business background and has done very well. In fact, she has 5 houses.”

But now, Laura wants to get rid of all that stuff.

“In Tanzania, you see how little the tribes have, and you see how happy they are with less.”

Laura shares her story with Jody…

“I attended some of the International Living conferences over the years, and that’s where I learned about Great Escape Publishing.”

Laura knew she had always been good at writing manuals and contracts so she thought, “Why can’t I write about something that is more interesting to read?”

“It’s invoked my imagination to write more and more, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.”

Laura talks about her success and the “stuff” that comes along with it…

“I was raised in an era where you were measured by the stuff you owned: homes, cars, nice furniture, etc.”

It all adds up to an accumulation of stuff.

“The young people today are more about experiences. They’re not stuck with all this stuff.”

Laura talks about how she’s working towards simplifying her life.

She also shares with us what her first trip to Africa meant to her, and what her future travel plans will include.

And, she offers tips for anyone interested in looking into travel writing or photography.

“If you knew what you were doing, you’d already be doing it,” says Laura. “It’s a process: you crawl, then you walk and then maybe somewhere down the road you can sprint.”

The very basis of us is that life is not about stuff, it’s about experiences.

And the travel writing, photography, and video programs are all ways to help you create a lifestyle that provides those experiences.

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