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“Plan your work and work your plan!” – Amy Piper

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to Amy Piper—a new travel writing success story.

“Everybody has a different approach to travel writing,” says Lori. “We have the creative types who like to throw a bunch of paint at the wall and see what blooms. And we have the business types who like to plan and meticulously map out their path to travel writing success.”

Amy falls into the latter category—she’s a strategic thinker.

As a well-established and successful project manager, Amy is a pro at meticulously methodically mapping out what she needs to accomplish. She’s applied those skills to her travel writing journey—and it’s working for her.

Amy’s path to travel writing began with the home study program but it really picked up after she attended the Ultimate Travel Writing Workshop in New Orleans last September.

In the first three months since attending the workshop, she managed to have 3 articles per month since attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop – even with a very demanding full-time job. It’s working.

Amy shares her story…

“While I was working on an international assignment in Argentina for my position as an IT project manager I was googling various travel subjects about exploring South America. For some reason, the search led me to Great Escape Publishing and the travel writing program.”

Amy is an avid scrapbooker. She was documenting her travels through her scrapbooks.

“When I saw the travel writing program I thought it might give me another way to get my travel stories out there.”

Amy signed up for the newsletter then ordered the study at home program. She used what she learned there to get her first article published.

Then she learned more about our live events.

“I’m an extrovert. I love the energy I get from being around people. So, I attended the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in New Orleans and it was fantastic!”

Amy accepted the challenge of the 10-day success plan at the end of the workshop and within a few weeks, she had her first article published. Since then she has published 23 articles.

Listen in for more details on what has motivated Amy and her tricks to finding the time to pursue her travel writing goals despite having a full-time career.

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