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These are challenging times for travel writers. Being confined to home, rather than having the freedom to roam the world at will, is not an easy adjustment to make. Motivation can be difficult to maintain. Here are five tips and tricks to prepare yourself for life post-coronavirus and ensure that you keep your travel writing dreams alive.

1. Take a course.

Take an online travel writing or photography course and use your newly found spare time to develop your skills. Learning about your craft is simultaneously practical and motivational. When the present situation comes to an end, people will be eager to start exploring the world again. Travel writing will be in demand more than ever before. You will be armed with your new skills and ready to inspire others to undertake global adventures.  

2. Do the reading.

Catch up on any great travel literature or biographies that you haven’t previously had time to read. Whether it’s the biography of a Victorian explorer such as Freya Stark or a modern-day travel scribe like Paul Theroux, there’s an abundance of uplifting travel writing out there for all tastes. There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a good book. Not only is reading the best travel books inspiring, but it is the perfect way to pick up a few tips from the experts.

3. Map it out.

Pore over a map, dig out your guidebooks, and plan your next big adventure. Having something to look forward to is imperative during these restrictive times. Whether it’s a dream trip to the Indian Himalayas or a road trip through the outback of Australia, now’s the time to let your imagination soar and make exciting plans for the future.

4. Get online.

Use the internet—read travel blogs, listen to podcasts, and delight in the images of distant beaches, deserts, and mountains on Instagram. Check out Great Escape Publishing’s backlog of articles. Watch documentaries and movies relating to travel. Explore exotic cities and enticing hiking trails on virtual trips. Make the most of YouTube and its many travel and adventure videos. Re-live past trips of your own by perusing old photographs. Keep the inspiration flowing even though you aren’t able to be on the road yourself right now.

5. Get organized.

While you aren’t overwhelmed with deadlines to meet, organize your files for maximum efficiency. Maintain your creativity by coming up with article ideas and imaginative titles for them.

Tips to help make your articles stand out from the crowd

If you took any trips just prior to the pandemic, use any material you have gathered to write content. Don’t give up on securing a travel writing gig—although calls are somewhat limited, there are still editors out there who are commissioning in preparation for when things get back to normal.  

By putting these ideas into action over the coming months, you will be ready to unleash your passion, creativity, and knowledge into the world when it is ready to travel again.