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“What kind of job could I do, over the Internet, as I re-balance my creativity, travel, and earning in a more enjoyable way?”

If that’s what you’ve been thinking over the past few days, I’d like to show you a few examples of what could work for you.

These simple, bite-sized jobs can be done quickly and allow plenty of play-time once complete. A lot of people still think “working over the Internet” means you have to be a technology whiz, but thankfully, that just isn’t the case. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of non-technical mini quick jobs posted online every day.

** Good with a camera?

If you have an eye for composition and a feel for color and exposure that goes beyond just taking a snapshot, you could find yourself with a string of assignments like these:

–Need 12 mouth-watering photographs of Christmas pastry…

–Want cover photo of banking professional wearing pinstripe suit in high-rise office…

–Looking for 25 stock photographs of fitness product photographed in various, natural locations…

Some require you show up at a location, but most can be done from wherever you are. And, if you know how to handle your buyer, you could turn simple assignments like this into long-term, repeating assignments.

** Good with Photoshop?

Or Lightroom… Today’s social media marketing, blogs, and websites have created an almost insatiable demand for good photography.

And there are lots of digital cameras in circulation, producing lots of mediocre photos for websites.

But, if you’ve mastered the histogram, know how to traverse the exposure curve, and can boost the saturation of a photo without making the photo look cartoonish… you could probably stay pretty busy working online for assignments from around the world.

One recent assignment involved re-touching about 100 product photos for publication on a catalog website…a snap in Photoshop or Lightroom if you know the ropes.

** Do you boil when you see a typo?

Don’t you just hate “typos”? And the Internet is littered with them. Even the big sites like,,, and many more are producing information at such a blistering rate that those crazy typos can sneak in anywhere…

Well, if you have an eagle’s eye for typos, then your new online career could be staring you in the face: proofreading.

I checked one of the websites that advertises these small jobs just a few minutes ago…and there are 148 proofreading jobs available today. The world is crying out for sharp-eyed folks like you to save us from typo misery!

** Zest for travel?

Worldwide tourism is exploding and the competition for those tourists is fierce.

And the first action the would-be tourist takes is turning to the web for the latest on their desired travel destinations.

Travel and destination websites strain under the demand for fresh content and are increasingly turning to job and project websites to satisfy their need for new perspectives and creative insights on their destinations and activities.

Why?  Because a two-year-old article falls flat when it comes to inspiring travelers.

Could you tackle a series of paid articles, blog postings, and photographs from your next trip?

On just one website I looked at this morning, there were 44 open assignments for travel-related articles and web content.

There are many more complex, and longer-term jobs and assignments. But I find the people who start small, get oriented to this new way of earning, and tap into their own skill set…are soon building portable income.

Once you know your way around your new virtual town, you can tackle bigger, meatier assignments and turn your portable income dreams into reality.

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