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Travel videos sell so well because hotels, tour companies, attractions, and more want to show the world what they’re all about. They know that if you watch a video of people relaxing in luxury at their hotel or having fun on their tour… you’re more likely to book a room or an adventure.

That’s why adding people to your videos is so important.

Some people find this intimidating, but Tom is about to show us how easy it can be. 

So, pick up your smartphone, watch Tom’s next lesson, below, and get ready to give it a try today!

Here’s how:

I hope you’re having fun making little video clips with your smartphone this week! If you want to learn how to turn these videos into an income that could allow you to travel the world whenever and wherever you’d like, and get personal help from Tom along the way, check this out.

Tomorrow: How to edit your clips together in 2 minutes or less!

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