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You can start shooting videos that you can sell when you know just a few basic tricks...

Once you have a video to show prospective clients, you can start getting paid.

I have sample letters and tips for getting into these places in my program.

But here’s a quick rundown of the best spots to get paid for your travel videos…

Sell them as stock

In my experience, depending on how much footage you upload, you can earn anywhere between $100 and $2,000 per month—though some people earn even more than that. 

Pitch companies who operate in the location you videoed 

Another option to sell your 60-second video is to contact companies that sell trips to the city or national park that you have filmed. Try companies operating farther away first.

A travel company in England or Australia, for example, will be happy to have footage of a U.S. city where they sell trips. It means they don’t have to hire a videographer locally or send someone overseas to video. This is one of the secrets I give in my program.

You could make up to $1,500 for a 60-second video if you sell it to the right client—more if they want the video edited to use their logo and contact details. Starting out, you can probably charge around $500 to get your foot in the door and entice potential clients.

Earn money from ad revenue

Another option is to monetize your video on YouTube by using YouTube ads. When somebody watches your video and views an ad, you receive a cut of the ad revenue.

Revenue varies based on number of views and engagement, but some YouTubers make thousands of dollars a month based on popular videos.

If you go this route (or any of the above routes, really), make sure not to use copyrighted music. You can find royalty-free music on the YouTube Audio Library. 

Exchange video for the chance to practice

If you’re not sure about pitching for paid work straight away, just chose a local company, like a hotel, bar or restaurant that doesn’t have a video yet and pitch them a free video for their use. (Or barter for a free night’s stay or meal in exchange for your work.) If you get a good review from the local company that’s using your free video, this can lead to referrals and get your name out there to other local companies.

By doing this, you get the practice and video repertoire you need to confidently start earning money with videos—and you can leverage the experience to target hotels abroad and tour companies that sell trips to farther-flung locations. 

There you have it. You could be making money with videos right away. You just have to start today!