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There was a time when I thought this was a good picture…

Before I learned to take better photos, I thought this was a great shot...

I would go on location to a beautiful scene… I would invest in good quality equipment… and I would capture some pretty good shots. Yes, they were good… but they were a bit boring, a bit standard… anyone with a decent camera could have captured this same image.

Then, there came a time when I learned how to do so much more with my images…

I invested in learning how to improve my skills, so I could take better photos. I read every article I could find and soaked up as much information as I could.

Most importantly, I spent time with people who were more experienced than me—people who had skills that I wanted to develop for myself. Now, I can take pictures like these…

By investing in my own skills, I learned how to take better photos

By investing in my own skills, I learned to take better photos

Everything got easier once I realized it wasn’t about the latest equipment, following trends, or traveling the world.  Sure, those things are important for me… but skill is what makes all those other things fun. Skill is what really allows me to create my own unique style, and to create new and exciting images that I’m proud of.

Skill comes before starting a photography business… it comes before starting a website or blog… it comes before purchasing an upgraded camera.

When everyone else is taking phone photos like this…

I once thought this was a good photo. Now I've learned how to take better photos...

My investment in myself—the eye behind the camera—allows me to create phone photos like this…

Here's how I came to take better photos like these...

People still say to me, “You must have an amazing camera.” I just smile! I know that really it’s because of all the work I put into developing my skills—and the time I’ve spent learning from good teachers. Now I get to sign my prints and the pride it gives me is enormous.

Now that I take better photos, I'm proud to sign and sell them...

If you worry that you’ll never make it because you don’t have the best equipment… or the ability to travel to gorgeous places… or that you weren’t born with the right level of talent… think again! Good photography is ultimately about skill.  And skill can be learned.

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