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Maybe I’m weird, but I love stuff like this…

after processing - sell your photos

Patterns… symmetry… texture… doorways. 

I printed this photo I took in India to hang on my wall, but I would never have printed the original version I brought home on my camera…

before processing - sell your photos

Whenever you point your lens up at something and your camera is no longer parallel with the ground, the subject of your photo will appear to “fall over” backwards like this. 

Meanwhile, it’s a quick little fix in Lightroom, and that’s what professional photographers often don’t tell you. It’s not their magic photo-capturing skills that make their images so great. It’s the processing.

Every single time your camera tilts up, it introduces some distortion whether you’re a beginner or a pro.  Lightroom fixes all that: take a look.

If you want to sell your photos, you need Lightroom. If you want your photos to look good hanging on a wall, you need Lightroom.

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