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The word for butt in Swahili is: Tako.  And we certainly saw lots of these on this photo tour.

implied motion

There’s not much you can do to get a great animal shot when they’re walking away from you.

But whenever an animal or a person is walking across your field of vision, you can use that motion to your advantage.

The key is to watch where they’re going or looking and add space in that direction.  Here are a few examples…

Tanzania_Implied motion

This trick is called implied motion.  

Whenever there’s motion captured in your photo… or implied motion, such as the direction a person or animal is looking or facing… the viewer’s eye follows that motion. So you typically want that motion to lead INTO the photo… not OUT of the photo.

For example, take a look at this lion photo, below. The lion is looking out of the frame… so your eye tends to follow his gaze from his face off of the right side of the photo:

implied motion - bad

But if you add just a little more space where this lion is looking, then your eye stays in the photo and it makes a huge difference:

implied motion - good

Try it today with pictures of holiday-themed gatherings.  It’s a GREAT time of year to upload photos to online stock photo agencies.  Designers buy images by the hundreds and thousands this time of year.

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