stock photography showing friends getting their photo taken at a dinner party

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We’re in the midst of July’s Summer Sprints Stock Photography Photo Challenge! This month’s theme is “Connectivity”. 

Next time you’re in line at the coffee shop, look around… how many people are staring at their phones?

These days, we’re more connected – digitally, anyway – than we’ve ever been.

With the prevalence of screens and technology in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that “connectivity” is a big theme in stock photography. And that’s why it’s this month’s Breakfast Stock Club Premium Challenge theme.

It’s not hard to incorporate screens and technology into your stock images. But here’s the trick…

Your photo needs to be much more than a snapshot of a cell phone or computer. You need to bring a sense of life and emotion to these cold, inanimate objects.

For inspiration, let’s look at a few photos that do this really well:

Stock photo showing family members interacting with technology

Both of these images above show family members interacting with technology in everyday settings. These photos feel un-staged and believable, which is exactly what photo buyers are looking for.

Stock photo showing a family posing for a photo taken with a smartphone

This shot is a great example of having a candid, in-the-moment feeling in which a phone is featured, but only a small part of the composition. Bonus Tip: It’s definitely not too early to upload holiday-themed images to your stock photo portfolios. Remember, buyers are always working several months ahead on projects.

Stock photo showing mobile devices being used outside

And here’s something we can all relate to… taking technology with us to stay connected on-the-go. Notice how the photographers got close to their subjects to create simple, clutter-free compositions.

Stock photo showing friends posing for a photo at a dinner party

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or some other event, technology is usually a part of recording important life moments. Here, the photographer has done a great job of capturing real expressions and a genuine sense of connection between friends at a dinner party. Was this shot staged or a real moment? It’s tough to say, and that makes it a great stock photo.

It’s easy to set up a successful stock shoot incorporating technology. Next week, I’ll share a recent stock shoot of my own, and the way I featured phones – and wine! – to come up with saleable shots.

In the meantime, I hope these ideas get you motivated to start thinking of your phone or tablet as photo props to create some winning stock photos!

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