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Every week, I hear from Breakfast Stock Club members who are making their first stock photography sales… finding their photos on websites and in print all over the world… watching their skills and income grow…

A few even tell me about paying the mortgage with stock photo income… buying a new Harley Davidson… making their first $10,000 in stock photo royalties…

And basically profiting from doing what they love.

If you’ve got a bunch of photos on your hard drive and you love taking photos in your daily life… I want to help you get started – or BOOST your stock photo sales – this summer.

YES – that means it’s time for the return of…

Summer Sprints!!

As a Breakfast Stock Club reader, I challenge you to join in and build your portfolio this summer, so you’re ready for the big buying season come fall.

It’s free. It’s fun. And it’s the summer kick-in-the-butt you need.

Here’s how it works:

Breakfast Stock Club Summer Sprints

1. At the beginning of the month, I’ll announce a theme. Everyone will shoot for that theme, but Breakfast Stock Club Premium members will have the Roadmap that goes with it, as an extra guide to taking stock-worthy photos and keywording them so buyers can find them.

2. You’ll set out to take 100 photos of the theme in one week. At the end of this first round, every BSC Premium member will get a review of their one best shot from the 100.

3. Then you’ll set out to take 100 more photos of that theme by the end of the 2nd round. Premium members will get a second review of their one best shot from this batch of 100.

4. At the end of the month, you’ll focus on uploading the best shots from the month to your stock agencies.

5. At the beginning of the next month, it starts over with a new theme and continues until we’ve packed our portfolios with saleable photos in time for the fall buying rush.

Premium members get a few extra tools to point them in the right direction, but everyone is welcome to follow along with the monthly themes and try to take 200 new photos in June, July, and August.

I’ll keep up with you via this newsletter and the Facebook page, to help you stay on track.

Your goal is to add 60-600 new photos to your portfolio by the time the big buying season hits in autumn.

If 600 images sounds like a lot, it IS! I want to push you to do as much as you can this summer, and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Your Summer Sprints begin TODAY!
June’s Theme: Active Lifestyle

Use this first month of summer to take stock photos of people out-and-about, biking, walking, hiking, traveling, having a party at the beach, and generally getting out of the house!

Got friends and family? Ask them to model for you… or, as an added challenge… model for yourself! TIP: Stock agencies especially want photos of baby boomers out having fun.

Premium Members: Look for a note on how your extra reviews will work this summer in your inbox.

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