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Last week, I showed you a photo that looked like it was in focus, but when viewed at 100%, you could tell that it was not.

Before you submit any photo as stock, it’s important to view it at 100% to make sure that it’s free of any technical errors, and that it’s in focus.

Here’s a short video that shows how to view your photos at 100% using Adobe Lightroom:

It’s amazing what some quick processing in Lightroom can do for your photos, and the basic edits are simple to learn. I’ll show you some examples in the next issue.

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Lots of BSC-ers are submitting photos for the first time…

From Janice Sakata-Schultze: Just submitted some photos to Bigstock, Fotolia and Dreamstime (again)…keeping my fingers crossed!

From Caroline Maryan: Today’s best seller on Fotolia is a Christmas tree… Eek! Those designers are really working ahead!!!

From Kara Byrnes: Uploaded my first photograph to Bigstock and Dreamstime a couple of days ago. Bigstock just approved it! Now, just watiing to hear from Dreamstime.

From Lynn Mccann: Just uploaded a photo to Dreamstime-fingers crossed.

From Rob Thurman: Just had my very first photograph accepted at Fotolia plus one they think they might put into their freebies.