Fall themed stock photo of a little girl at Halloween

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Fall is here, and its arrival brings loads of new and lucrative stock photo subjects.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of these lovely fall days before they disappear:

  • Photograph the festivities. Apple pressing, hayrides, Halloween costumes, pumpkin carving – all of these fun activities make perfect material for stock photography! I bet your friends and family would be happy to model for a few shots documenting the events.

Photograph fall festivities for stock

  • Capture the color. Autumn is a photographer’s dream, filled with a vibrant color palette. Blue sky can look awesome as a backdrop for golden leaves. However, don’t rule out overcast and rainy days, as fall color really pops under these conditions as well.
  • Reflections. Speaking of fall color, keep an eye out for gorgeous reflections that create painterly patterns in streams and lakes.
  • Golden light. Sunrise and sunset light looks especially awesome with fall foliage. Put pretty much any subject in this light, and you’ll have a winning shot.

Tip: For outdoor images, be sure to use a polarizing filter to help cut glare, letting the beautiful fall colors come through.

Fall foliage makes for great stock photography

  • Outdoor Activities. For many, fall is the best time to head outdoors. The bugs are gone and the days cooler. Another added benefit is that the golden hour – that sweet spot when the light is gold-colored before sunset – lasts longer in the fall. This is a prime time to photograph activities like hiking, running, canoeing, hunting, and fishing.

stock photos showing fall outdoor activities

  • Fog & Mist. Fall brings a whole variety of interesting weather, especially misty and foggy mornings which can make for some mysterious and moody shots.
  • Transitions. Even once the peak color passes, you can capture shots showing the transition from fall to winter. Frost on leaves, bare branches, and that first dusting of snow are still very photogenic and can hold symbolic meaning that is useful for stock photo buyers.

Fog and mist in autumn stock photos

  • Back to school. Here’s a big stock seller that comes around every fall. And this one is easy to set up right in your home, next to a window.

Back to school stock photo

  • Patterns & small details. Fill your frame with classic fall symbols and small scenes to create some great background images for your stock photo portfolios. Head outdoors or simply set up some props on your kitchen table – it’s up to you!

Fall themed stock photography

  • Sweet treats. Last but not least, don’t forget about the food! Fall is harvest season and you wouldn’t want to skip out on photographing the yummy treats and delicious food of Halloween and Thanksgiving, would you?

Now is the time to add some fall-themed images to your stock photo portfolios, so grab this list and get out there.

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