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It’s April… and 2017 is 25% gone! If you set some goals for the year back in January, now’s a good time to pull them back out and have a look.

How are you doing on them? What steps are you making towards them?

My goals for 2017 are pretty simple:

  • Build up a portfolio of images on
  • Start getting travel articles and photos published in magazines and online.

… that’s great, but they’re kind of vague. And vague goals lead to vague results. I have started building my portfolio on Alamy. And I have started getting articles and photos published. But I can do better.

How about this:

  • Build a portfolio of 300 images on
  • Pitch 2 articles a month to print or online travel publications

Ok – now we have specifics!

Take a look back at your goals for the year and see if you need to adjust them. Have you already accomplished them? Do you need bigger goals?

Then look at each month and see where you have some time on your calendar to get closer to your goals. Schedule it out. Sometimes that’s as simple as watching a video to learn a new skill… scheduling a photo shoot with a model (or a friend)… or going for a walk with your camera to see what you can find.

A couple of things that can help:

How-To Videos. BSC Premium Members have 24/7 access to my get-started video series on their Premium Member page, which walks you through each step of the process of signing up to three agencies and submitting your first images. It goes over uploading, keywording… all the confusing parts. Spells them out for you. If you’re not a BSC Premium member, yet, try it out for a month and see how far you get here.

Shooting Regularly. Keep creating new photos. You’ll have more images to submit, and you’ll learn a ton as you go. Again, a great way to do this is with the monthly Breakfast Stock Club Premium Challenge. This month’s theme is: Interaction!

Any progress is progress! Share your goals and how you’re doing on the Breakfast Stock Club Facebook Page… and keep going!

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