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How Amy finds 360-degree photo buyers (a growing market)...When I started out with 360-degree photography, I was excited about offering something new and innovative that could help local businesses. And while 360-degree photography is making its way to the mainstream consciousness, it’s still relatively new for most people. That creates an opportunity for you.

Here are my top 5 reasons for getting started in 360-degree photography today.

1) The demand: According to Google’s statistics, 67% of us would like to see more virtual tours. This is what the public wants, so let’s create it!

2) Real money, for real jobs, right away: After a few practice shoots, you’ll be ready to offer your services to clients for a fee. And since it’s newer technology, clients likely don’t know anyone else that can do it for them.

3) It’s easy to learn: Even inexperienced photographers can learn the skills needed to do this in a short time. For many photographers who are just starting out, the steep learning curve of professional photography is a barrier to profitability—but with 360 you can learn the basic skills in a weekend.

4) You can help local businesses: In my interactions with businesses today, I’ve found that business owners are looking for ways to increase their exposure online and get an edge over their competition. According to Google, business listings with photos and 360-degree tours are twice as likely to attract interest as those without. Offering 360-degree photos is a way you can help them solve their business problem… it’s a win-win.

5) Stand out as an expert and get more opportunities: It’s a really fun and unique niche that can help you stand out from other photographers. You may be surprised how much credibility you’ll gain from learning these skills. I’ve been given several other types of photography projects as a result of promoting my 360 work.

Here’s one of my recent 360 photos from Quebec:

Like learning any new skill, there’s no time like the present… but with 360-degree photography, this is especially true. There are great opportunities available, and the sooner you start, the more of them you can take advantage of before someone else does.

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