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I read an article that said that, right now, we take more photos every two minutes than all the photos in existence 150 years ago.

And it got me thinking…

Sure, we’re taking more photos than ever before. After all, we all carry a camera with us all day long in the form of that smartphone in our pockets.

It’s something everyone knows how to do. But what about selling photos?

Now that’s something not many people know about. The big secret? There are hundreds of places to sell your photos. For example…

Here are 15 of the biggest markets where you can sell images today:

1. Contests

2. Small local newspapers and magazines

3. Online publications

4. Travel guides and tourism bureaus

5. Textbook publishers and agencies that specialize in book covers

6. Stock agencies

7. Neighborhood shops

8. Art galleries (and coffee shops that double as galleries)

9. Outdoor art shows

10. Your own pop-up shop (more about this later this week…)

11. Holiday fairs and farmers’ markets

12. Your website and social media (lots of photographers are using Instagram and YouTube to sell prints and/or client work)

13. Real estate agencies or vacation rental owners

14. Friends and family—think: family photos, events, and rituals (weddings, holiday parties, baptisms, etc.)

15. Local businesses—product photography, food, business interiors, etc.

This week, let’s explore some of the lesser-known places you can sell to help increase your chances of success.

Do you know of any other fun photo markets? If so, leave me a comment below so I can get in touch with you.

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