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One of the most difficult things when you start out as a writer is that sinking feeling that no one is reading your work. It can be mentally challenging, causing many talented would-be writers to quit before they’ve really started. 

The solution? Learn how to promote your work on social media. 

Easier said than done. But, I’m living proof that social media can grow your brand in ways you’ve never imagined. I started my career as a corporate attorney and through blogging and social media grew my brand as the “SportsBizMiss,” earning me a job offer from ESPN and two book deals. 

And it’s all because I learned how to blog – and how to promote my work through social media. 

There are three platforms I would recommend for travel writers who are just starting out: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here’s some basic advice and quick tips on how to best grow your blog with social media platforms… 

Facebook Page

Why? You might wonder why you should create a Facebook page instead of simply using your personal profile on Facebook. After all, you’re already connected with people through your profile and creating a page means you have to start all over again from scratch. 

But I want you to dream big. One day, you’re going to have so many readers clamoring to connect with you that you’re going to hit Facebook’s 5,000 friend limit. 

Plus, there’s privacy to consider. Do you really want a random reader from your travel blog connecting with your personal profile and having access to photographs of your grandchildren? 

Create a Facebook page with a name that matches your travel blog – if you do this early on, you avoid a situation where someone takes the name of your blog and squats on it, refusing to turn it over or demanding money and confusing your readers when they find the wrong page. 


Why? You might think Facebook to be the superior social media channel due to the 71% of adults who use the platform compared to just 26% for Instagram. However, Instagram’s engagement rate is 4.21% – 58 times more powerful than Facebook!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and travel lends itself to some pretty amazing imagery. As you build your profile as a travel writer, you’ll find brands are often eager to work with you on Instagram-based campaigns, so start building that following now. Using hashtags like #coupletravel and #visitsavannah can help get your posts in front of more people and grow your following. 


Why? Many of the brands you may want to partner with in the future have a large presence on Twitter and are very active. For example, most major airlines have multiple accounts, including one dedicated solely to customer complaints. Hotels tend to respond back quickly on Twitter as well. It can be a great medium for connecting and engaging with a brand before making a formal pitch. 

It takes consistency, but these are tried-and-true ways to build your brand and start connecting with new readers.  

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