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There are so many travel blogs out there right now. Here’s Great Escape Publishing’s 25 of the best travel blogs in 2021:

1. World Of Wanderlust

Brooke from World of Wanderlust has an impressive Instagram following of 548K, runs a YouTube channel with 83.5K subscribers, and has even released a book on living an adventurous life. With all of this expertise underneath her belt, it’s safe to say World of Wanderlust ticks a lot of boxes. 

World of Wanderlust has a large focus on female solo travel and the overall female travel experience with a bunch of great solo travel articles, guides, hacks, and advice for female travelers. 

Alongside travel inspiration and guides, you’ll find loads of information on how to live and work abroad, as well as how to work for yourself while you see the world. Brooke also leverages her blog to promote her World of Wanderlust Travel Blogging Masterclass and Shop that offers merch, downloadable city guides, and lightroom presets. 

2. Our Wild Abandon 

A dreamy and mystical travel blog that will instantly make you want to run away and embark on an endless road trip around the world. Our Wild Abandon is a quirky and creative blog by the best friend duo Kyla and Jill who have spent the past five years traveling around in their super cute vintage trailer. 

Their stories are whimsical and their beautiful photography will make you feel like you’re right there along for the ride. They share a collection of stories from the people and places they encounter on the road, as well as a van building series just in case you’ve got your eyes set on hitting the road in your own little vintage trailer. 

3. Lost With Purpose 

Alex from Lost With Purpose is a solo-female backpacker who sold everything, left her “real person” job, and decided to travel the world for a while – often getting lost with a purpose

Alex travels to places often overlooked by Western tourists in favor of off-the-beaten-path destinations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Like her left-of-field destination choices, Alex likes to break the mold with her content, providing a different spin on popular blog topics. Instead of covering the “10 most Instagrammable places in X,” Alex covers meaningful topics like what women should expect when traveling in Iran, or how to road trip around Saudi Arabia

Through her travel stories, photo essays, and educational content, Alex educates travelers on how to travel more responsibly and recognize privilege, all while maintaining a great sense of humor throughout her writing.     

4. Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd are the voices behind Hand Luggage Only, a blog where they talk about all things travel, food, and photography. While the boys are jokesters at heart (follow these guys on TikTok, where they share food, travel, photography, and ‘other randomness’ to their 272K followers), this doesn’t take away from the super high-quality and reputable travel content on their blog. 

Their blog has a large photography focus and they share tips and tricks to help you improve your own photography as well as their photography work in a series called “photos and postcards from X.” They tell relatable, honest, and personal travel stories, and have also just released their book Hand Luggage Only: Great Britain, an in-depth locals travel guide of Great Britain.

5. Passport To Eden 

Get ready book lovers, this one’s for you! Anshula from Passport to Eden shares epic destination guides and travel tips across just about every State in America. So if you’re planning a trip to the US, Passport to Eden is the blog for you. 

Anshula also shares a fun monthly book club series to help you get into the traveling spirit even while you’re stuck at home or saving for your next adventure. Alongside amazing American travels and inspiring book recommendations, Anshula also shares some great travel hacks to help you get out on the road. 

6. Flying The Nest

These guys are the epitome of Aussie travel couples. Stephen and Jess of Flying the Nest have been sharing their adventures from all over the world since 2015, and more recently with the arrival of their baby, their stories as a young traveling family. 

Their biggest following is actually on YouTube, and they’re now one of Australia’s most subscribed travel channels thanks to their high-quality travel vlogs. So if you’re into video content, Flying the Nest is one for you. 

They host travel expeditions where their followers can join them on a trip, have their own Shop where they sell their photography presets and video LUTS, host a travel Podcast, and even have their own Flying The Nest Academy, where they offer a Tik Tok growth, and video editing masterclasses. 

7. Travel Freak

Join Jeremy from Travel Freak on his wild adventures around the globe. Travel Freak provides a great source of information for destination-specific tips with a big focus on outdoor and adventure travel. 

Jeremy is a talented travel photographer and professional writer and has even had his work published in the likes of National Geographic, Forbes, and Vanity Fair. His blog is a treasure trove of helpful, in-depth travel gear reviews and destination guides among other useful traveling tips like insurance, working abroad, and funding travels. 

8. Wandering Earl

Wandering Earl is one of the OG travel bloggers and has been in the game since 1999 so he’s a bit of a blogging veteran/legend and we really couldn’t make this list without including him. Wandering Earl’s blog is a great resource for anyone looking for a wide (and I mean wide) scope of travel resources. 

Wandering Earl covers everything from travel cost breakdowns, travel gear reviews and recommendations, personal travel anecdotes, cuisines from around the world, destination-specific itineraries and stories, travel advice like planning a trip, and everything working abroad and making money on the go. Just take a look at his well-categorized blog posts to see the amazing scope of topics he’s covered.

9. International Living

Continually on the move in search of Paradise? Well, so are the folks at International Living. If you’re serious about moving overseas, International Living is a great place to start. The site is dedicated to helping people live out their dreams with information on the top retirement havens, how to earn a living overseas, travel and budgeting tips, and real-life stories from people who’ve already made the move.

International Living also runs a magazine that is a print version of their online resource, offering real-world recommendations for saving money, making money, living better, embracing adventure, and enjoying life more overseas. 

They also offer a free daily newsletter in which you can learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate and enjoy life overseas so don’t forget to sign up for that one! 

10. The Blonde Abroad 

The most aesthetic travel blog of all time? I think we’ve got a contender with The Blonde Abroad. The Blonde Abroad is a beautiful travel site focusing on solo and female travel around the world. Kiki (author) provides a goldmine of great tips for any type of travel you can think of: from solo travel, student travel, eco-travel, and budget travel so that you can be fully prepared for your own adventures. 

More recently Kiki has started to expand her blog to include a lot more style, beauty, and home content, which is just as beautiful and inspiring as her travel pieces. Kiki’s travels and style aesthetic are also loved by her 533K Instagram followers, so much so that she sells her own Lightroom presets through her blog and a range of other affiliate products. 

11. Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily from Along Dusty Roads also have a big focus on responsible, slow, and sustainable travel. They provide simple practices and habit changes for travelers to adopt and encourage a more sustainable travel industry. 

Along Dusty Road provides crafted guides and original photography journals to inspire your own wanderlust, as well as practical advice and travel resources to help fellow travelers plan trips and hit the road.

The pair are on the top of the photography game, and all of their articles are accompanied by stunning original photographs. You can now even shop their collection of photographic prints on the blog.

12. Salt In Our Hair

Salt In Our Hair is a travel blog run by Dutch couple Hannah and Nick. They share tips and how-to guides with a large focus on helping people start their digital nomad journey with topics like travel photography, social media, and blogging. 

They also share detailed blogs of their travels and have accumulated lots of travel guides, information, and advice from destinations all over the world. With the extensive amount of traveling these two have done you can just about find a destination piece anywhere you’re looking to travel on their blog. Be it a specific continent, country, beach, jungle, or city, it’s all there. 

The pair also sell their travel guide ebooks and lightroom presets on their website if you’re looking to spruce up your photography game. 

13. Rovology

Looking for travel advice from fellow vagabonds, tourists, digital nomads, and travel writers? Well, look no further than Rovology. Rovology provides a one-stop-shop for third-party writers, each bringing their own experiences and knowledge to share with the world. 

Rovology typically takes the listicle approach and shares useful destination-specific information in detailed list-style posts. They are a great place to go to get guides on the best things to do and see from all over the world. The information they share is all geared at giving you the best information possible before you embark on your next trip. 

14. Maptia 

Maptia is a collaborative project featuring the work of a diverse group of photographers, writers, and adventurers, all bringing you a never-ending source of inspiring and thought-provoking stories. These talented contributors share their stories on a wide range of topics, reaching as far and wide as over 100 countries from around the world.

The site has a large focus on society and culture, and the natural beauty of the planet. Throughout their collection of finely tuned articles and photography, it almost feels like you can experience firsthand the cultural and natural wonders of the world.

15. Nomadic Matt 

Nomadic Matt is an iconic name in the travel blogging community and after 11 years in the game is one of the biggest blogs out there. Nomadic Matt has been featured by leading media platforms, has clocked up millions of website visitors, and he’s even a New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad

His site focuses on traveling more for less and his tried and tested advice has helped thousands of people get out and travel more. Matt has literally written the laws of travel blogging so if you’re searching for an one stop shop for travel advice, Matt’s your guy. 

16. Global Help Swap 

Looking to experience culture and adventure as a responsible traveler? Global Help Swap is run by a British couple whose own travel experiences inspire the carefully curated content behind the blog. 

The pair focus on global travel that is always responsible and meaningful. They share destination guides, the best in responsible destinations and activities, and opinion pieces that help their readers to experience a destination from a local’s perspective and prove that responsible travel can be easy, comfortable, and very beautiful. 

You’ll also find a dedicated page on the Global Help Swap blog where they share Volunteering opportunities abroad and help you to find free and low-cost responsible volunteering opportunities. Winning! 

17. Haylsa 

Ultimate insta-grammable, drool-worthy travel is what Haylsa does best. Australian blogger and successful Instagrammer Hayley is the voice behind this beautifully curated travel blog.

The blog boasts loads of useful tips for anyone wanting to get started in content creation, as well as photography and posing advice for getting that perfect shot. Hayley also shares detailed destination pieces and accommodation guides from her recent travels, always accompanied by her inspiring photography. 

If you can’t get enough of her beautiful imagery you can shop her photography presets and decorative prints.

18. Sidetracked 

This one is for all you adventurous souls out there. Sidetracked is the place to go if you’re seeking to push limits, challenge yourself, and discover the undiscovered. Sidetracked features a collection of personal stories, meaningful journeys, and adrenaline-pumping expeditions from their global group of contributors. These adventure stories from across the world are shared both online and through their tri-annual print journals. 

Take a wander through their Field Journal to get a glimpse of what some of the most fearless and adventurous travelers out there are doing and get inspired to head out on your own adventure too.   

19. The Points Guy 

Calling all tight-wallet, ultra savvy, and financially conscious travelers. The Points Guy, which originally was just one guy blogging out points and miles, has now transformed into a team of over 100 editors, writers, and regular contributors. The team draws in millions of website visitors and avid social media followers with their tips and advice on how to maximize travel experiences while minimizing the cost. 

The Points Guy is an expert resource when it comes to loyalty programs, credit cards, and travel. They’ve got everything covered from utilizing credit cards and rewards to get places and stay for free, travel hacking, and best practices for making every dollar count. Dive into their trove of resources to find the best deal on your next trip without missing out on anything!

20. The Travel Book

The Travel Book was founded by a young couple who traveled for years with a self-proclaimed “black climate footprint.” The pair decided it was time for a change and uprooted all of their beliefs and promised to become eco-friendly and sustainable travelers. This blog is their space to share this journey and to show that it’s possible to change bad habits without compromising on either quality, luxury, or great holiday experiences.

While most travel bloggers typically shy away from the negative effects of the tourism industry on the environment, The Travel Book is open about sharing the hard facts, owning their mistakes, stating opinions, and proving steps on how to mitigate the environmental effects of traveling.  

21. Jones Around The World

For the last 10 years, Dave from Jones Around The World has successfully made the world his playground. With a large focus on Asia and Australia, Jones Around The World has your next trip itinerary laid out with all the best insider tips on where to stay and what to do.

What I love Jones Around The World so much is his dedicated blog section for music festivals from around the world. Dave is a seasoned veteran when it comes to international music festivals so no matter which country you’re in, Dave has probably got you sorted with hacks and advice when it comes to festivals.          

22. Spirited Pursuit

Alongside her travels, Lee from Spirited Pursuit shares great educational content for those who are looking to start or grow their own content creator business. Lee provides detailed tips and resources to help her readers learn how to grow their own digital platform and create a successful remote business. She even hosts a female-only creative retreat.  

Her blog also offers paid ebooks in two categories: a range for content creators and a range of destination travel guides. With a loyal Instagram following of 233K, it’s no surprise that Lee has also started to include beauty and lifestyle content on her blog including her “What I’m Wearing” series.    

23. Hey Nadine 

Full of advice, hacks, and adventures to help you get on your way and inspire your next trip, Hey Nadine is a well-established and oh so aesthetically pleasing travel blog. Nadine has been blogging and traveling the world for the past 10 years now, so she’s got lots of value to share. She has even written a 259-page ebook on how to travel. 

You can follow along as Nadine travels the world sharing her experiences both on her blog and her popular YouTube channel that boasts an impressive 493K subscribers. Nadine shares lots of great destination guides as well as her tips and advice on trip planning, packing, and everything pre, during, and post going on your own trip.

24. Anywhere We Roam 

London-based travel bloggers Paul and Mark have just snapped up the 2020 Blogger of the Year award at the Travel Media Awards and if you’re a regular on their blog, it’s not hard to see why. 

Anywhere We Roam is a beautifully designed blog with spectacular imagery and a large focus on outdoor and adventure travel as well as culture and history. No matter what type of travel experience you might be looking for (hiking holidays, road trips, and wildlife-based wilderness are their specialty) the guys from Anywhere We Roam are here to help you get inspired and experience the more adventurous side of travel.   

25. Bucketlistly 

Pete from Bucketlistly has been traveling around the globe solo for 8 years now. Throughout that time he has ticked over 65 countries off his bucket list and written 360+ travel guides and backpacking itineraries, making Bucketlistly an obvious choice for this list. 

He is a travel filmmaker, photographer, digital nomad, freelancer, and writer telling his travel tales through a combination of award-winning travel videos, inspiring photography, and compelling writing. Besides the hundreds of travel guides and itineraries you can find on Bucketlistly, Pete also ties in epic personal articles that are sure to set off that traveling bug in anyone.