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My blog has been a blessing in my life for around a decade at this point. I’ll be honest that this career is hard work, especially at the very beginning—when you start out blogging, you’re going to be doing a lot of work centered on learning about your audience, planning out your subjects, marketing to your potential followers and more. It takes a lot of time and determination, but once you learn what works for you, you’re allowed an opportunity that few can afford. It’s such a unique industry to be a part of and I feel incredibly honored to be a professional blogger alongside some talented, passionate, professional individuals.

If you’re considering jumping into the professional blogging pool, here are three things that blogging allows you to do that you can’t get from a traditional nine-to-five.

1. Work from anywhere

Wherever I go, my laptop goes, too. I can sneak in little bits of work at any free moment and stay on top of everything, whether I’m in Denver, Shanghai, or Vienna. No matter where I travel to, I am able to continue to post content and work with my clients, just in the same way as I would if I were home. I even decided to move home cities three times last year without missing a beat, because my whole office is able to travel with me, thanks to the power of Google Docs and an internet hotspot.

2. Get paid to pursue new interests with enthusiasm

Since the time I started my blog, I feel like an entirely different person—we change a lot as individuals in a decade! I’m blessed that much of my audience has traveled this journey with me, allowing me to discuss everything from the remodel of my home to learning about the power of meditation. All of my interests become potential subjects for me to share on my blog and I get great suggestions for activities to try from readers. I don’t exactly know what I’ll get into in the future, but whether it’s a positive or negative experience, I can guarantee that I will honestly share my experiences on the blog. I don’t know of many other industries that allow your career to completely ebb and flow with your season of life, and your new interests to fit seamlessly into your day job.

3. Build a community of like-minded people from all over the globe

I have readers and followers from all over the globe, from Bangladesh to Boston and several places in between. Some of my best friends are fellow bloggers and I truly believe that my followers may know more about me than almost anyone I know. I’ve bonded with readers who have dealt with anxiety and depression, as well as those that are as equally (if not more) obsessed with Disney and London as I am. If you’re looking for a group of individuals that you can relate to, I promise that you can find a crew in the blogging world—whether you’re a traveler, mother, stamp collector, or any combination of things, you’ll be in great company.

If you’re tempted to try out blogging, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s one of the best moves that I’ve ever made in my life and I’m certain that you will find blogging to be a fantastic experience for you, as well. All you have to do is start!