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“Imperfect action always trumps inaction.” –Lori Allen

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, and Director, Lori Allen, talk about one of our recent newsletter’s that went out in reference to the story, Finding Garcia.

The simple message of the story is this: When you’re asked to perform a task, don’t ask how and don’t ask why—just do it.

Lori and Jody discuss how this relates to the tasks we are assigned in life.

As an editor, photo buyer and employer, Lori just wants someone who can get the job done.

“It’s always refreshing when someone just calls it and says ‘I’ve got this and I’ll get it to you’,” says Lori.

Listen in to the discussion and see why it’s important to act…to call the fly ball…and to make decisions without excessive questioning and research.

It’s what editors want in the travel writers and photographers they work with. Editors are looking for anyone who can find a Garcia.

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