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“Once you start writing about travel, you will never travel the same way again and your travels will  become much richer.”—Jen Stevens

Host, Jody Maberry brings Jen Stevens back to the show.

Jen is the Executive Editor for International Living magazine as well as the architect of the Ultimate Travel Writing Program for us.

Jen shares her thoughts on travel writing…

“Travel writing is arguably the best job on the planet. You’re getting paid to travel!”

That aspect of the travel writer’s life attracts people from really diverse backgrounds which is evident at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop.

“The workshop attracts people who have an interest in writing but don’t necessarily know how to pursue that as a career. Almost no one that comes to the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop with a solid background in journalism.”

At the workshop, Jen pulls back the curtain on travel writing by teaching attendees actionable steps to becoming a travel writer.

Listen in as Jen shares some of the benefits of travel writing that many people don’t consider and how your unique background and hobbies can enhance your path to travel writing.

To learn more about the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Little Rock, Arkansas this September, visit here.

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