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“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”—Theodore Roosevelt

Host, Jody Maberry and Director, Lori Allen discuss the collateral effect of taking the first step toward your goals.

Last week’s conversation about the power of streaks and taking a crow bar to bad habits set the stage for this week’s discussion. (You can listen to that episode here.) When you take the first step toward your goals—despite your fears—the collateral effect will surprise you.   

Jody shares an example of the collateral effect…

“I have been podcasting for 5 years now. I began with my podcast for Park Leaders. I recorded six episodes of that show and held onto them for months because I thought my voice was terrible!”

It turns out Jody has a voice for podcast like none other and his voice has become his signature. In the past 5 years, Jody’s podcasts for the Park Leaders show have helped people get jobs in the parks and helped others get a promotion—not to mention the doors it has opened for Jody.

If you’re doing something positive to improve yourself, your community, your relationships, etc. it has a ripple effect—in a positive way.

Lori shares examples of people she’s been discussing this concept with and how their lives have changed in ways they never expected as a collateral effect of travel writing.

And she wants to hear from you…

If anyone out there has benefitted from this podcast or any of our programs, Lori would love to hear from you. She wants to hear what collateral benefits you’ve received. Go to the “Contact Us” page at: and send in a note!

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