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“A spark leads you to action that leads you to the next thing.”– Jody Maberry

Host Jody Mayberry and Director Lori Allen, discuss how you can find your own creative spark.

A few months ago, Lori watched a video interview with a woman who has over 800,000 Instagram followers. She’s a photographer and shoot commercials for companies like Mercedes, Google and Apple—all with her phone. And she gave some phone apps that she really likes for processing her images.

Lori never wanted to take better phone photos, but when she started playing around with these apps, she found her own creative spark.

“I started with an interview and a phone and now I’m addicted…and you can’t stop me!”

Lori witnessed a similar creative spark at our recent Baltimore photography workshop.

“As part of our workshop, we talk about what’s trending in photography,” she explains. “One thing that’s hot and trendy now is 360-degree photography.”

As attendees were learning about this type of photography, Lori could see their eyes lighting up—she could see the beginning of a creative spark.

“They may never do 360-degree photography, but the spark they experienced has already led them to research other photography trends.”

Go to to check out a new “power hour” on taking 360 degrees photos. Even if 360 photography isn’t your thing, it might provide you with the creative spark you need to find your next passion.

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