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“The Great Escape Publishing expeditions have launched my photography skills into another dimension.” –Stephanie Wolden

Host Jody Mayberry and Director Lori Allen, introduce us to Stephanie Wolden.

“Photography is one of the only professions where you can get paid as you’re learning how to become an expert,” says Lori. “And Stephanie is doing exactly that.”

Working as a sommelier over the last couple decades, Stephanie has had the opportunity to travel and gain an appreciation for fine food and wine. Now that she’s more focused on her photography, she’s working her way through the business side of it and learning as she goes.

Stephanie shares her background with us…

“My journey to photography has been a wiggly one! I’m from Southern California where I studied art history. After I earned my masters, I moved to Florence so that I could walk the streets of my favorite Renaissance artists—which led to my interest in photography.”

Stephanie found us through a Google search.

“I literally googled ‘how to get paid to travel’ and Great Escape Publishing was the first thing that came up.”

Stephanie started by attending the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop followed by the Ultimate Photography Workshop. She also traveled with Great Escape Publishing to Tanzania for a photography expedition.

She shares with us how she has combined her interests in wine, photography, and travel into a new career… and how she approaches the challenges of new projects.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell your photos, go to and sign up for a free video on how to get started.

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