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“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” –Wayne Huizenga

Host Jody Mayberry and Lori Allen, bring Noreen Kompanik back to the podcast to talk about aspects of her travel writing career. (You can listen to Noreen’s last podcast interview with fellow member and writer, Theresa St. John here.)

Noreen has had hundreds of articles published and is a great resource for beginners. She’s helped other writers get past their first two or three articles and into the hundreds. She’s consistently positive, hard-working and helpful to others.

Noreen shares how she transitioned from her career in nursing to travel writing.

“I was a presenter at the Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop in Washington DC last September,” says Noreen. “On the break, some of the attendees asked me how I got to this point and I told them I re-wired my brain.”

She also shares her thoughts on Robert Sperry’s theory of right brain/left brain dominance. She believes learning to use both sides of her brain has helped her to succeed.

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