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“If you want to be a travel writer, this is what you need to know. Does it work? YES!” – Jen Stevens

Host Jody Mayberry and Great Escape Publishing Director, Lori Allen, introduce us to Jen Stevens, Executive Editor at International Living and architect of The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program.

Jen Stevens tells us how it all started…

“Working at International Living, I spent a lot of time working with writers who were not professionals. We were working with expats to get their expertise and experiences and to get them to share their stories about what it was like to live in the places we were featuring.”

Jen spent a lot of time working with these expats and writing and rewriting the stories she received.

Then an idea struck her…

“I thought, it’s not that hard to write a good article. If these people understood the fundamentals, they could write these articles on their own.”

We teamed up with International Living and asked Jen to architect The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program to share the fundamentals of travel writing.

Jen created a program that “pulls the curtain back” and shows people the basics…

…How to know what an editor is looking for

…How to write a story the way and editor will want

…Whose door to knock on to get that article published

…How to knock on that door

It’s been 17 years since The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program was first published. The program ultimately led to the live event, The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and has seen many revisions to incorporate the changes brought on by online publishing and the wealth of opportunities it provides for writers to get published.

Listen in as Jody and Jen discuss the program, the live workshop and other interesting trends in travel writing.

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