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Sixty-five percent of the spoken English language is just 300 words.

And the same is true in other languages, too, if you open them up and look inside.

300 words is something you can learn in a single afternoon. Especially in a language like French or Spanish, where a lot of the most common words are words you already know…

Doctor -> Doctor
Color -> Color
Editor -> Editor

And even more are words that are just slightly different like these in Spanish…

Medicine -> Medicina
Possible -> Posible
Police -> Policia

Adults have lots of advantages over children when it comes to learning a new language, too.

We’re better at recognizing patterns. And, we have an already advanced English vocabulary, which helps help us learn hundreds of the most common words in a single afternoon.

The reason many Americans only speak one language is because the way we learn is broken.

Flashcards? Yuck!
Memorizing vocabulary? Boring!
Conjugating verbs? Too hard.

When language-learning is made easy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t speak two or three different languages.

Our breakout Spanish and French language programs don’t include any flashcards, memory exercises or conjugation. You can check them out here.

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