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Unfortunately “the ugly American” is an expression for a reason…

We’ve all seen the U.S. traveler who thinks that that yelling loudly in English at a non-English speaker will somehow translate into magical comprehension. 

But it never does, does it?

There’s a better way, and not just a better way to communicate when you travel, but also a better way to learn how to speak a second language (or third or fourth), one of the most appreciated things a tourist can do to connect with another culture.

Locals respect a visitor who takes the time to learn even just “Hello” and “Thank you.” Imagine how much more respect you would earn – not to mention how wonderful it would be to connect with the locals on a deeper and more meaningful level—if you could speak the language.

Representing your country by interacting in the best possible way in a foreign country is like serving as an ambassador for your homeland. It shows that you, too, respect the native culture and customs, and by speaking a second language, you learn even more about the culture and customs.

Someone asked me once why we have a Spanish language-learning program when we’re not in the language-teaching business.  And why we’re not charging $399 or more for it when we know we could get it.

My answer: Don’t you ever want to just do something because it’s the right thing to do?  Haven’t you ever wanted to change the world?

This is how I see our Spanish program.

It’s ridiculous that Americans speak just one language.  It’s also ridiculous that you can attend four years of classes in school and still not have the ability to order a pizza.  

This is a unique program that revolutionizes the process of learning a second language. We used it last year to teach more than 8,900 people how to speak Spanish, and you can learn to speak it too – in just one day.  After day one, it comes down to mastering pronunciation – and we have recordings to help you with that, too. They come free with the program.

Why speak just one language when you can be bilingual by spring and trilingual by summer?  It sounds crazy, but that’s just because you’ve never seen anything like this before.

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