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Here’s How to Add The Right Way to Travel to Your White List

Please take a minute to “white list” us – that is, ensure that your “spam” filter doesn’t block our newsletter..

Why bother “white listing”?

Every email system is different but most systems don’t like newsletters that include dollar amounts and/or prizes. Our newsletter, The Right Way to Travel, includes both.

Our newsletter is not “spam”. It’s a helpful resource that our members love. And it’s one of the things that separates our newsletter from other newsletters out there – we profile some of the best places for new (and seasoned) writers to get published.

Unfortunately, some email systems mark it as “spam”.

We also send out photo tips which profile the skills that will help you take better, more salable photos. Often, in those issues, we use examples of photos that have been sent in for our past photo contests. And again, some email systems mark it as “spam”.

Truth is: We never send unsolicited email. But sometimes, the technology we put in place to help make our lives easier ends up making other things more difficult. That’s why it’s necessary to “white list” our newsletter and ensure you get each issue.

How to Add The Right Way to Travel to Your White List.

The single, most effective way to white list us no matter what email system you’re using is this …

Add this address: eletter@mb.greatescapepublishing.com to your address book. In the “name” field of your address book, write: The Right Way to Travel. That’s the email account we use to send out all of our newsletters.

You might also add Declan Aylward’s information: daylward@greatescapepublishing.com to your address book. This way you’ll have it should you need to contact him and his emails will get through to you if he needs to contact you.

Thank you for white listing The Right Way to Travel.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.