Reviews: What Our Customers Say

Reviews: What Our Customers Say

A huge THANK YOU to Great Escape. Becoming a Travel Writer has allowed me to live my dream life of travel, adventure, fun and visiting exotic places meeting amazing people. My life is more complete and satisfying than it has ever been.

Bel Woodhouse

Have taken many of their courses. Preparing for a fun retirement and Great Escapes Publishing is helping me get there!

Caron DeSeguirant

My dream is to travel the world and preach and teach about the great evidences of God. I love to travel to Holy Lands, Israel and even get close to where they found Noah’s Ark. Jen is helping me fulfill that dream through Travel Writing! I feel excited about my future stories being read and sold around the world!

Tom Wayne Norman
5 Star Reviews

If you ever want to become a professional writer and get published then you have come to the right place!

Glen Myers

Got the online travel writing course for my wife. It inspired her so much that she has written a book, and has done a few articles for regular newspapers in our area. These aren’t travel related but great escape pushed her out of an “I can’t” zone into a “it’s possible” zone.

Michael R. Baker

Great Escape Publishing always gives you much more than you pay for. Their classes are fun and informative, and filled with practical information that you can use immediately. If you are interested in Photography or Travel Writing do not hesitate to sign up with this fabulous organization.

Diane Watson

A few months ago, a Facebook ad from this company got me started on a writing course. I now have my own blog and write freelance for a local magazine. I am learning more about photography as well and am working on turning all this new knowledge into a fresh career! 

Jeannine Haffner

Best Travel Writing Problem available I have found yet ‘ I will continue with GEP to continue learning forever. Grateful for this program and what it is teaching me 🙏🏻

Amber O’neal

If you are a creator and love adventure, writing and photography, Travel Writing with Great Escape Publishing is a cool way to have fun. It’s not always about the money. I can’t afford to travel abroad, but I definitely will find something that is just within my community that I can explore and share. The Great Escape program is a beautiful way to learn, expand your knowledge and live your passion.

Hope Devenuto