Is Great Escape Publishing a Scam?

Great Escape Publishing has been in business for 15+ years, promoting real stories and expert advice on how to get paid to travel. We believe:

  1. Life should be fun.
  2. Anybody should be able to do it or we don’t publish it.
  3. We are travellers, not tourists.
  4. Success is not overnight.
  5. We are not a company, we are a community.

The stories you hear inside our newsletter are all true and our courses are top-notch, put together by a team of working travel writers, editors and photographers, who have been published by Frommers, Travel & Leisure, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, Fodor’s Guides, Forbes, and more.

We do not publish experts who are selling their photos, videos or writing in a way that cannot be duplicated by a beginner.  While certain skills require practice, we eliminate those opportunities that require only luck or inside connections.

Likewise, we go to great lengths to publish only the experts who believe that teaching their skills to others makes the world a better place.  Those who look down on beginners don’t find a home here.

The truth is, the current freelance market is wide open.  There’s plenty of room for everyone… and teaching you how to get started is just another way for our experts to earn an income with their craft.  If the market ever closes, we’ll let you know as there will be no further reason to publish that program.

While you can make a nice side or even full-time income with the ventures you’ll find here, money isn’t the only goal our members have.

Lots of members come to Great Escape Publishing for a way to travel differently, to tap into their creative side, and get paid to do something fun.  Most aren’t after six-figure business ideas so it’s not something we talk about all the time.  Some of our get-paid-to-travel programs are only meant for those looking to make $10,000 – $30,000 a year… or enough to pay for their travels and gear.

Should you ever decide to join us at a live event, you should know that we value good relationships. Many of our members become friends and attend one to two events per year with us.  They use us as a “traveling club” to meet likeminded people and go off together on group trips that don’t feel like tourist bus tours.

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P.S. We have a dedicated customer service team. If you have any questions, complaints, or are having trouble receiving any of our products, you can fill out our customer service form and we’ll solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible; or call us on our toll-free (866-415-1425) and local (561-860-8266) customer service lines, operating Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET.