A Practical Guide to Press Trips

“Attached, please find the itinerary for your upcoming six-day visit to Cornwall.” My heart skipped a beat, maybe two. I had been successful in securing a six-day, 100% comped tour of Cornwall, England. While in England, I went gliding, canoeing, cycling, rode a steam train, visited museums, castles, breweries, and wineries. I took an all-day […]

Meet interesting people on your trips - like a sand artist in Los Cabos...

3 Benefits of Writing Locally

I wasn’t a real travel writer, I never went anywhere. Writing about home felt like a compromise, a concession made because I lacked the money to fly to Venice, explore the Balkans, or cruise Cuba. Without bylines, press trips weren’t on offer. My travel budget was $0. Experts advised, “go local.” So, real travel writer […]

Free Travel Plus 15 Bylines—All From My First Writing Trip

Travel writers don’t have a precise profile or job description. They come in all shapes, sizes, and economic circumstances. They don’t spend all day in one workplace—instead, they make their own schedules and determine their personal rate of pay. I’m a single, 68-year-old great-grandmother. Social Security is my only income. Here’s how I customized travel […]