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Get 3 Fun Ways to Get Paid to Travel

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What Sells as Microstock: Is It Dead Bodies, Homeless Men and a Bearded Guy Drinking Beer?

Times change fast. It’s the same with stock photography. What sold five to six years ago isn’t necessarily what still sells today. And, if you try to guess what sells tomorrow… well, you might be wasting your time there, too, says stock photographer Jerry Koch. He believes you should just shoot what’s fun and the money will follow.

How Small Stock Photo Royalties Add Up to Big Checks

When Jerry’s friend first told him about stock photography, he thought his photos were worth a lot more than the small royalty he would collect from microstock sites. Today, he understands that what you lose on the initial sale, you make up for in volume. Jerry’s not a salesman, so he likes that he doesn’t have to do any marketing either. He just shoots, has fun, and collects a check. Check out some of his photos below along with his advice for getting started…