Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse has put her wanderlust and French degree to good use as a tour developer and guide. Cynthia has lead successful creativity tours in France, Rome, and in the United States. A speaker and certified coach, Cynthia has published extensively on the creative process and travel. She is the author of the program Leading Tours for Fun and Profit as well as the Paris novel Chasing Sylvia Beach.

Cynthia's creativity workshops have worked their magic on her as well as her participants; since 2005, she has filled 44 journals with colorful drawings and stories. She works part-time as an illustrator, adding her whimsical drawings to books, cards, and other fun projects.

When not working, Cynthia can be found biking around Denver, enjoying a yoga class, cooking a delicious meal for friends, or traveling far away in the pages of a book.