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Have you ever tasted home-cooked guinea pig in Ecuador? Or tarantula-kabob roadside snacks in Cambodia? Or a traditional puffin feast in Iceland?

Wherever you travel — even to the next town up the interstate — there’s an exhilarating food experience in store.

Chances are you’ve already had one or two. So why not write them up for Wend Magazine and get paid?

Extreme adventure travel and eco-responsibility are strong threads weaving throughout each issue of Wend. It’s clear that the magazine strives to place itself beyond the mainstream. Current stories explore wild and unusual topics, like crossing the Bering Strait by foot, back-country skiing in Japan, and a winter sailing trip across the North Pacific to study ocean pollution.

These article topics may seem out of reach, but the magazine’s new section, called “Feast,” is about the kind of adventure we all experience when we travel — eating on the road.

In the words of the editors:

“Traveling the world is all about new experiences. And often, new experiences come in the form of food. Feast celebrates some of the stranger culinary encounters our writers have on the road. Whether it’s drinking Chang (rice wine steeped in rendered yak fat) in NE India, eating fried worms in Africa, or searching for the best kabob in Istanbul,

Feast is dedicated to the fuel our bodies need for adventure.”

Once you’ve scoured your brain for your most exciting and strange culinary adventures, take a look at the writer’s guidelines.

The key to getting published in Wend Magazine is reading through a few issues or stories to get a feel for the style. This is a photo-heavy magazine for responsible, thought-provoking travel and outdoor sports, with a healthy dose of adrenaline squeezed in. The Feast section follows suit, with a focus on culinary experiences that challenge readers, or highlight new ways of doing things.

Another must for landing your article on the pages of Wend is sending along high-quality photos to go with your article. According to the editors, “for the most part, no photos, no deal.”

Payment is 25 cents a word, with negotiable pay for photos.

Query first. If you’ve already been published, send along your two most relevant clips. If you haven’t, don’t worry. The editors will consider articles from unpublished writers, too.

E-mail your query to the senior editor, here. (The senior editor’s name is Anna.)

** TIP: For more on sending photos to accompany magazine articles or queries, here’s an interview with photographer Patrick Stevens, from our archives:

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