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I thought to remind you about two publications to sell your articles to where you already have a foot in the door. Here are two places where mentioning that you’re a reader of this newsletter will give you a leg up with the editor:

** Travel Post Monthly

Travel Post Monthly  is a slick online travel magazine that focuses on the practical how-to of travel. It publishes almost exclusively freelance articles — many of them from new writers.

And it’s an especially easy place to get a by-line for readers of this e-letter, who tend to be savvier than the average freelancer.

Normally, Travel Post Monthly doesn’t pay for articles… but it’s still a great place to get published because it also works as a wire service. If your story is published there, not only do you get a good-looking clip, but your story is sent to a regular list of editors who are looking for content to buy for their own publications.

If one of them likes your story, they can click on your contact details to buy the article from you directly. You’ll find the Writer’s Guidelines here.

** International Living Magazine

International Living is always in the market for 200 to 300 word articles for their Lifetime Communique’s “hidden gems” section and also for their print magazine.

Off-the-beaten-track attractions, festivals, events, places to eat, etc. are all things they like to feature. These are not the sort of places a mainstream traveler finds out about with any standard-issue web search. IL’s mission is to give their readers an inside track. So send your mainstream travel articles somewhere else.

In your article, you should describe the place, your experience of it, and what makes it special (in other words, why you’re recommending it) in 200 to 300 words and send to Remember that the destination you’re writing about must be outside the U.S.

Be sure to include:
* Your short article (with your full name)
* A photo of the place
* Contact details that include operating hours, how to get there, etc.

They pay $50 if your article is selected for publication.

If the idea of selling stories about the things you see and do on your vacations excites you, you might try either of these two publications first. They’re a by-line and a good start.

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