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Imagine this scenario for a second…

You’re a travel writer or photographer, and you’re asked to go out on assignment in Paris. You’re going to spend five days in the city researching and reporting on the best salons de thé (tea rooms) for an American publication.

This is great… the trip of a lifetime. You’re beside yourself with excitement.

But wait, your relatives live in London. Wouldn’t it be great to go see them on this trip? If only there was a way to put these personal travel expenses towards your business trip, making them tax deductible as well…

Well, it’s your lucky day. There is a way to maximize tax deductions as a travel writer or photographer.

According to CPA Eric Taylor in our Freelancer’s Tax Guide, you can do one of two things (both completely legal):

  1. While you’re in London visiting your relatives, do some research that you can include in your article (or photo essay… whatever you are on assignment for) – or write another one. That way, your entire trip is business-related and therefore tax deductible.
  2. Work in Paris during the week, go to London for the weekend, and then go back to Paris on Monday to continue your work. Since the weekend falls in between two “business days,” it will still count as business… making the entire trip tax deductible even though you spent two personal days in between two business days.

Having been a part of the freelance business for years, I’ve come across several people who didn’t know about these travel options when it comes to filing their taxes, let alone know that you can deduct your travel writing or photography expenses from your taxes at all.

We don’t usually focus on taxes as a money-saving option because, well, taxes aren’t necessarily the most romantic travel topic.

But, they sure are a great way to save money.

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