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We opened registration in our Loyalty Club yesterday to the first 15 people who’d like to attend our upcoming travel writing workshop in Boston without charge.

If you’re on the fence about taking me up on this offer, here are a few numbers for you…

92 – the number of people we have currently registered for our upcoming Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston this August 22-24.

6 – the number of couples attending.

26 – the number of male attendees

66 – the number of female attendees

12 – the number of expert writers and editors you’ll meet there

13 – the number of publications you’ll pick up at the Publication Expo willing to work with first-time writers

10,000 –how much Loyalty Club member Colleen Cowles reported saving on her trip to Alaska last month when she went as a travel writer

1 – the number of chances you have to join us at a live travel writing event this year.  It’s our only one in 2013 and it promises to change the way you travel from here on out.

To read stories from past attendees who loved the instruction they received at last year’s event and who encourage you to follow in their footsteps.

And then go here to check out membership in our Loyalty Club program.  It’s not for everyone.  But it comes with a free workshop seat and a refund on everything you’ve purchased from us in the last 12 months… to help you pay for your membership or your airfare.

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