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When I was a little girl my biggest dream was to fly.

Not in an airplane. I mean really fly — like a bird.

I would try jumping off my bed or fearfully off a roof, flapping my arms furiously in the air, certain that one time it was going to happen. Of course, it never did.

And it took some bumps and bruises along the way to convince me that my dream would never be reality. Naive childhood wishes don’t always come true, and some things are beyond our power to obtain. But, years later, I learned about determination and success from those childhood efforts.

During my first year of travel writing, many people asked me how I got over 50 articles published in such a short amount time. Truth be told, it’s really a combination of many factors. But, if I have to narrow it down to just a few, here are some key points I can share with you to help you on your way to travel writing success

First and foremost, each morning, I start my day with a visible motivational quote.  I post it where it can constantly catch my eye. And I ask myself: “What can I do today to help make this inspirational message a reality”?

It sounds simple, but maintaining a positive can-do attitude and staying motivated are some of the main ingredients for my success… and I believe for success in any endeavor.

Motivation is a big one. So is facing your fears

Embarking on a new career can be scary. And, self-doubt can be crippling. Even for a self-confident person like me, transitioning from a successful nursing career to travel writer was at times daunting. Every once in a while my fears surfaced. “What if no one accepts my article? What if I’m not good enough? Why does writing a query freak me out so much? How can I possibly squeeze 300 words out of my best article”?

As a new writer, it was crucial to face these fears and overcome them. So, how did I do this?

First, I took stock of all my strengths. Determination, perseverance, and marketing are definitely my strong points.  I might need to work on organization, managing query letters, and not second-guessing myself. But I’ve already built a successful 32-year nursing career. Surely, I can do the same with travel writing. I knew I just needed to re-awaken those achievement qualities within myself and re-direct them down this new, exciting path.

Once I realized this, my writing career took off in ways I hardly dreamed possible.

Doors opened that I never knew existed. And opportunities began to multiply.

When they say that success breeds success, they’re right. It all starts with your first story.

If you own The Ultimate Travel Writer’s program, you already have all the tools you need to make that happen. The rest is just believing you can do it.

And I’ll leave you with this…

One of my earliest and favorite motivational quotes that propelled me constantly forward this past year comes from Erin Hanson. An extremely talented young writer from Australia, she wrote a poem about second-guessing her dreams and the fear of taking chances. An excerpt from that poem says “What if I fail”? Her inner voice replied “Oh, but, my darling, what if you fly?”

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