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When you look at some of the most successful people of our time – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Madonna… they all have one thing in common.

And it’s the very same thing that our most successful members here at GEP have. In fact, it has completely changed lives… like that of one of our most successful readers, Theresa St John.

Let me explain…

Simply having the right information isn’t enough. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were smart guys who became experts in their field… but there are many other “tech geniuses” out there.  Madonna and Oprah are certainly good at what they do, but in terms of raw talent, there are others who can sing and interview better.

So what is it, then? What is the key to success?

Is it action? “Good things come to those who get out of bed,” said one of our successful members on last year’s ultimate success panel in Denver.

Or could it be decision? Before you take action, you need to make a decision to put yourself forward, after all.

But what about courage? Especially if you’ve been rejected in the past, you’ll need to conquer your fear before you can continue down your path to greatness.

I’d argue it’s a mix of all of the above. Part decision. Part courage. Part action. Part inside information.

These four things together are the golden success circle.

golden circle

And, of course, it all starts with a decision.

People can do amazing things when they set their mind to it. Just think about the last thing you accomplished that others said couldn’t be done.

Be sure to read Theresa’s story of complete transformation. Warning: It’s sad at first — with an unsupportive partner and a nasty divorce. But like most success stories, it gets better in the end. Way better. Theresa’s using travel writing to check off all the dream vacations on her list and enjoy a happier life. Something I recommend you do, too.

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