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On Facebook last week I asked friends to vote for which of these two photos they liked best…

sell your travel stories

Headshot #1 beat headshot #2 by a whopping 91 to 42 votes. But the folks who liked Headshot #2 said I look more approachable in that photo.

There’s a theory about this online that says parting your hair on the left makes you look stronger and smarter.  Superman parts his hair on the left.  Clark Kent parts his on the right.

Sometimes, appearances are everything.  The same person, me in the photo for example, can look one way to some people while others see something else.  And the same is true for the way you approach editors and sell your travel stories.

Put your best, strongest face forward.  Your Superman face.

Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and vote for your favorite headshot.  I also included a link there to a podcast about changing the part in your hair and changing your life (go here and fast forward to minute 9:24 when they start talking on stage.  And then scroll below on that link for pictures of Abe Lincoln with his hair parted on the left and then on the right.  It’s fascinating.)

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