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Jet Away: In-Flight Magazine

By Bonnie Caton in Portland, OR

Jet Away is the in-flight magazine for Northern England’s low-cost airline, Jet2. Travel features in this glossy seat-back publication cover the airline’s destination cities and surrounding areas only — including 46 European destinations, as well as Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Croatia, and others. The magazine is published quarterly, but each issue includes about 12 travel features, largely written by freelancers.

If you’d like to get published here, try taking a unique angle on a popular destination. For example, in the current issue, you’ll find stories about both Paris and Venice. Both are clearly popular destinations, but the Paris article focuses on one quirky jewelry maker, and the Venice article asks two locals for their ideal Venice travel itinerary and then tests out that itinerary to see if it’s doable.

The tone in this magazine is light, casual, conversational, and playful. You’ll come across words and phrases such as “After a morning walking the city, we decided it was Prosecco o’clock…” about Venice, or “Welcome to the fairytale, ladies,” about post-skiing hot springs in the Swiss Alps.

Feature articles range from 1,000 to 1,400 words long, and compensation depends on the article length and topic.  If you’d like to write for Jet Away, the editors ask that you pitch your idea first. They specify that pitches should be well thought out (and well written) with a headline and a strong hook. Write one or two paragraphs telling the editor how you plan to craft and finish your story and why the topic it fits in with Jet Away.

TIP: Be sure to peruse the magazine archives (you’ll find them on the site) to make sure your story topic hasn’t already been covered.

Photographers: Photo-based stories are welcome here, too. The editors ask for “unusual/interesting/fresh takes” on Jet2 destinations. As with articles, you’ll need to pitch your idea before including any high-resolution images.

Also, don’t forget to read through the Writer’s Guidelines first. They aren’t posted anywhere on the Jet Away site, but you can get them by request.

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