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[EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately this site no longer exists.]

“A passion for living well” — that’s how the editors at define the word “vezeo.” This online guide to “‘superior’ restaurants, hotels, resorts, day spas, and wineries” around the world doesn’t offer star or dollar-sign ratings like other guides. Instead, as the editors put it, “If it’s on Vezeo, it’s worth making the journey.”

Enticing photos draw readers in — like the juicy image of a big, bright red lobster that accompanies the January 6, 2008 post. It looks both delicious and expensive — which is just what Vezeo is all about.

That said, a destination needn’t break the bank to earn a featured spot. So forget the price tag… if you’ve been someplace lately where you found the food, service, or overall experience amazing, Vezeo might well consider your article.

Built very simply, the site’s first page features recent articles that boast of exquisite foods, resorts, and spas in places like Morocco, Los Angeles, London, Houston, and Istanbul. Vezeo wants articles from anywhere and everywhere — as long as they’re about the kinds of places that offer top service, top food, top everything. Which means you could just as easily find a subject for an article in your own hometown as in Tuscany.

The editors are not looking for articles about places that are a good deal, authentic, or rugged. And you don’t need to tell a whole story or talk about how you got there. Just send a review of a place that’s upscale — a specific hotel, restaurant, spa, winery, or resort that knocked your socks off.

If you already have an article written about such a place (or you’re willing to spend a day “hard at work” — maybe visiting a spa or dining in luxury — so you can gather the research for such an article), then Vezeo would be a great place to send it.

Your first piece submitted for publication is considered a test piece and won’t be paid. However, once it’s accepted for publication the editors will send you information on becoming a regular contributor and explain how much they’ll pay for your articles moving forward.

Reviews should be 500 words or longer. Once you hit 500 words, there’s no limit on length. Vezeo also stresses that you don’t have to be a professional writer to submit to the site (although once you get paid, you can count yourself a pro).

You will find more specifics in the writer’s guidelines here: .

This site is in the market for content and so a great opportunity for you. I checked the listings for Oregon, my home state, and found only one restaurant featured. I know of at least 12 places I think would make worthy additions to the ranks of the Vezeo crowd… I’m willing to bet you’ll discover a similar need for copy about the destinations you know.

Email your reviews to and either include the article in the body of your email or attach it as a Word file.

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