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This week I’ve been sharing stories of people who are making money as Internet Research Specialists – a whole new area you can tap into, too, for extra cash, working as many (or as few) hours as you like.

I hope the stories you’ve heard so far, about Rachael and Sandy, have inspired you.

Because no matter what you do in your day job, it doesn’t have to define you. Nor do you have to leave your current job behind to make as much as $50 an hour browsing the Internet.  

Take Jim Criscoe, for instance. By day, he’s an insurance adjustor. At night, on the weekends, and when things are slow at the office, he’s an Internet Research Specialist. He makes a solid extra salary helping writers and business owners find the facts and background they need to deliver interesting finished products. 

Jim got started in Internet research when, thanks to the economic downturn, he had an unusually slow year at work and became worried about his future. He ordered the AWAI’s program Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist, and followed it through in less than a week. (More details about the program here.)

To get some practice, Jim offered to help a friend who was working on a book. Since it was his first job, he told his friend he wasn’t going to charge him – but that he’d appreciate a recommendation from him if he liked his research work. 

Just a few days after he’d finished the job for his friend, Jim got a call from his buddy. He’d referred Jim to another writer who urgently needed some research on his book. 

“I spent half the night and most of the next day doing research for several chapters in his book,” says Jim “…at $50/hour!” It was a great boost to his confidence and his bank account.

Jim’s friend also sent his name on to a well-known business book author who got Jim to research eight chapters of his new book. 

This all happened within a few weeks of finishing the AWAI program. And while Jim’s surprised things have moved along so fast, he’s very happy. “I’m excited to be enjoying my work and learning about things that I would never have read about on my own,” he says. 

Best of all, his “double life” means all his plans are back on. No matter what the economy does, Jim’s set himself up so he can continue to enjoy the best things in life.

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